Handicap adjustments 2022   (N/b for OGC internal events only) 

Current handicap adjustments: 

None at Start of Season

Handicap System (approved at 2013 AGM)

Adjustments TO BE MADE

Any score 40 - 42 points - cut 1
Any score 43 - 44 points - cut 2
Any score 45+ - cut 3


How the cuts would be applied
The member's handicap is to be adjusted as above, to provide their new "maximum" handicap for the next event. It is "maximum", rather than a specific handicap, as his club may have cut him anyway. 

The handicap maximum would be in place for no more than 2 meetings. 
If, at the first of those meetings, the member scores less than 32 points, he gets a shot back. The meetings affected do not have to be in the same playing season. 

If, when playing off a restricted handicap, the member gets a further score of 40+, he gets a further cut, and his new restriction will stand for the next two meetings.